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A message from our Wellbeing Officer...

"As some of you may know, as well as being the Wellbeing Officer for UBWRFC I am also taking part in a scheme with a charity called the Ted Senior Foundation. This charity was set up in memory of a Bristol alumnus, Ted Senior. It is committed to reducing suicide rates in students and has set up the Ted’s Friends scheme as a peer-support network to destigmatize mental health through creating new opportunities for open communication.

As a Ted’s Friend, I have had training in Mental Health First Aid and am here to listen without judgement and support you in navigating the best way forward using services within the University if necessary. It’s important to know that I do not have the training of a mental health clinician or therapist and so may not have all the answers you want and I can’t be on call at all times. My role also doesn’t include managing internal conflict or arguments within the club but I am happy to support anyone going through a scenario like this that may affect your wellbeing. I am also setting up specific times when I will be available (more info coming) for anyone wanting to have a chat. If you prefer I can also signpost you to Ted’s Friends in other sports clubs.

Everything that is discussed with me will be completely confidential: I will not discuss who has spoken with me to another student or what we have spoken about without your permission. The only scenario in which this would not apply is if I felt you were at serious acute risk.

As a fellow student, I empathise with the struggles, particularly now, that many students face and will always seek to understand and listen to whatever you might be struggling with. I hope that being in this role will provide you with a less daunting outlet than one of the more formal University channels ahead of more serious difficulty or intervention.

I will make times available to all club members to talk privately online, and hopefully in person soon, as well as other things like Coffee Club and – hopefully – walks when we’re out of lockdown. Anyone can reach me on Facebook Messenger, email (, and by phone (07880824202). As well as this I will always be available to have a general chitchat and will be posting lots of bits and bobs to do with having good wellbeing.

If you want to find out more about the Ted Senior Foundation then they’re on Facebook and Instagram and their website is"

- Sunny, Wellbeing Officer 2020/21

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