Code Of Conduct

The Code of Conduct sets out the expected behaviour of all members when participating in any activity run by, or competing in any match in the name of, the University of Bristol Women’s Rugby Football Club (UBWRFC).  This Code of Conduct and the process set out within it is applicable to all complaints made to UBWRFC with regard to the conduct of its members. Note that any student at the University of Bristol (UoB) is also subject to the University’s Code of Practice and disciplinary procedures, the Bristol Student’s Union’s (SU) Code of Conduct, as well as to the law.  


 Aims of the Code of Conduct:

  • To protect members.  

  • To protect others that are potentially affected by members’ actions.  

  • To ensure the highest possible standards of fairness, honesty and behaviour.  

  • To reduce the risk of harm, injury, harassment and nuisance to members and others.  

  • To create an inclusive club.  

  • To detail the actions that can be taken should the Code of Conduct be breached.  



Terms of the Code of Conduct:


All members agree to abide by the terms outlined below:  

  • During matches:  

    • Refrain from physical abuse  

    • No abusive behaviour towards the referees   

    • No abusive behaviour towards any other players  

    • No abusive behaviour towards the spectators  

  • Refrain from verbal abuse  

  • No offensive language towards the referees  

  • No offensive language towards any other players  

  • No offensive language towards the spectators  

  • Retain a good attitude  

  • Be punctual   

  • Attend the match if selected (exceptions made for extenuating circumstances, such as illness).  

  • During training:  

  • Refrain from physical abuse  

  • No abusive behaviour towards the coaches  

  • No abusive behaviour towards any other players  

  • Refrain from verbal abuse  

  • No offensive language towards the coaches  

  • No offensive language towards any other players  

  • Retain a good attitude  

  • Be punctual   

  • Attend training as much as possible and provide notice in advance if you cannot attend (exceptions made for extenuating circumstances, such as illness).  

  • Refrain from any behaviour that may discourage others from participating.  

  • During socials:  

  • Refrain from any acts of bulling, including but not limited to:  

  • Peer pressure  

  • Cyber-bulling  

  • Physical and verbal abuse (see below)  

  • Refrain from physical abuse  

  • No abusive behaviour towards any other attendees  

  • Refrain from verbal abuse  

  • No offensive language towards any other attendees  

  • Refrain from neglecting other members of the club  




 What happens if the Code of Conduct is believed to have been breached?


 Any breach of the terms set out in the Bristol SU Code of Conduct is to be referred directly to the SU for investigation. The offender is subject to Bristol SU’s sanctions if the investigation proves a breach has occurred. If the complaint is outside the scope of both this Code of Conduct and the SU’s Code of Conduct, we will refer to UoB.  

If UBWRFC receives information that indicates anyone whom this Code of Conduct applies may be in breach of it, then the following steps will be taken:  

  • The information may be shared with all relevant parties.  

  • Members of the UBWRFC committee, as well as UBWRFC coaches, will contact those members involved to obtain further information, and to check if any action has, or will be taken by an outside party.  

  • If the members of the UBWRFC committee and coaches are satisfied that a breach has occurred, then they will issue a sanction befitting the severity of the Code using the proposed guidelines below.  

  • Where it is believed that Bristol SU or UoB regulations and policies, including the SU’s Code of Conduct, may have been breached the University, or Bristol SU, may decide to take action in addition to any action UBWRFC imposes.  




Individual Sanctions

If the members of the UBWRFC committee and coaches are satisfied that one or more of the terms of this Code of Conduct are breached, then the following decision matrix will be used to issue that individual with a sanction.   










 The Sanctions:









Where the sanctions you are appealing where issued by Bristol SU or Bristol University, please refer to their appeals process which can be located in their respective Code of Conducts.  


If you are unhappy with the process, outcome of the ruling and/or the sanctions applied, you may appeal to the UBWRFC committee within 10 days of receiving the decision by emailing Frankie Woolf, Club Captain of UBWRFC 2019/20. Your appeal will be considered on the basis of the information you attach to the email. Any new evidence that arises thereafter will not be considered.  


Your appeal will usually be considered at the next scheduled committee meeting following the submission of your appeal request. If the next scheduled committee meeting falls less than 7 days after you submit an appeal request, consideration of your appeal will be delayed until the following meeting, to ensure that all members of the committee, along with the coaches, have adequate time to consider your complaint. Once the review is considered, the decision that is made is final and binding on all parties.   

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