UBWRFC 3rd Team Season Review

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

This year for the first time ever UBWRFC entered a third team into BUCs, and what a privilege it was to captain such a wonderful, talented bunch of girls! This season has been challenging for sure, we have faced many seasoned teams who have been playing rugby a lot longer than us. Nonetheless, we never let this define us, we fought hard every match and vowed to play our best rugby. We didn’t find glory in winning, we found it in our ability to pick ourselves up and come back stronger each time. We improved non-stop all season and we left every match with a smile on our face. Forward of the season: Catriona Lowe Cat has consistently turned up for training sessions and has visibly improved throughout the season. During matches you can always see her getting stuck in, running great lines onto the ball and getting into the rucks. Back of the season:  Katie Hains Katie was a stand-out player from the get-go for the threes. She always turned up to matches ready to go and gave it everything on the wing. She's made some memorable tackles, pushing girls into touch several times.

- Emily Smith (captain)

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